You are Watching 3DayDemos...not edited clips from work collected over years...but an Original Creation Built around  your best Abilities ...I look forward to giving you back 4 - 10 years of your life...enjoy...Sirtony

"Great demo reel! It shows your range & qualities as an actor. As a producer & director, I'd hire you from what I see, just in this reel alone. You should have no problem getting work from it, get it out into the right hands. There are honest producers out there searching for Alice now, let them know you are ready with this reel."

Joe Perez

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   Get a 3 Day Demo...a 2 week demo...or a 4 week Career demo and website....You will be a STAR now...all Produced written...directed shot & edited for you 


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Award Winning Filmmaker 

Michael Savage aka Sirtony....



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