ANIMATION AND FILM ...This is a Behind the scenes Journey of New Creative ideas...enjoy the process the way I did all this is in a few days ...YES...:) 

Recently, I began to work with ANIMATION...and decided to use some of my Creativity to create a Web Series ...that allows me to use many of my scripts ...I have close to 2000 short film scripts that I created for my Workshop and now I see a unique way to share this work with the World...also look at the development I am doing...Not done yet...but you can watch as I learn and create  in a very special world of Animation so enjoy...I also like the speed of the Animated Actors ...they all know their lines with just a Click of my Mouse...for a film maker that is a AMAZING experience...want to change a line or more the Animated Actors are very happy to do it with a click of a Blessings to all I hope this Insight excites you and you check out the Development process...and yes...I am considering doing Feature Animated Films's very exciting! Also PR for all my companies with this method is fun fast and Effective!


Michael Savage aka Sirtony 

This is a very special Short Film- Animation I created...                                                                                                                     also go to the site


This is a Test Short of  'HEARTLESS BASTARDS'  a special Short Film script I cut down to do this fast...the complete Animated version is a possibility will update on this project as I determine what I really want to do...enjoy the short...


 These are special Animated Promos I created to introduce the World to my 3Day Demo work...worth watching also go to the site          

There are many Tests here that I created to get a feel and yes there will be more...hope you enjoy my Animated World that is giving me great Joy and pleasure creating in this world.  



 THIS IS A SPECIAL POLITICAL WEB SERIES enjoy...RAW but will be fun when I get into this process..:)



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