This page is an Update of projects I am supporting...not everything I have or do support is listed but here are some special projects...


This is TWO VET Organizations I have supported for 16 can too...

 I am a Menber of the Commanders can be too...

Here is a message from Roberto Barrera:

Dear Friend of the DAV,

As a DAV Commanders Club member, you’re in a truly elite group. You’re the one who doesn’t turn away… who hasn’t forgotten the sacrifices our disabled vets made for you.

First of all, I want to say thanks – on behalf of all 2.9 million disabled vets. Without the ongoing support of friends like you, we couldn’t continue to reach out to them. All of our projects would grind to a halt. You make it all happen.

And the Commanders Club is our “flagship.” Its members are our top givers…the Americans with the best memories…who refuse to forget what our disabled veterans did for them, and gave up for them.
Roberto Barrera
Roberto Barrera
Disabled American Veterans National Commander

History of the Commanders Club

Member Benefits Because many have asked about the meaning and origins of the DAV Commanders Club, here is a little bit of background.

Conceived in 1982, the Club was launched in 1983. The Club, originally called the DAV Vanguard, is designed to provide special recognition to the DAV’s most significant supporters.

The Club took on its current name – the Commanders Club – in 1984, in honor of our highest ranking official, our National Commander. In the late 1980s, in further recognition of our donors, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leadership levels were introduced to the Commanders Club because many Club members were so generous in their ongoing support, the Diamond Level was established in the early ‘90s.

Over the past two decades, the Club’s ranks have swelled beyond half a million members. And those members, like yourself, have been extremely loyal and generous throughout the years.

Commanders Club membership places one within the DAV’s core constituency. These caring individuals have always been there when the DAV needed them.


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Paralyzed Veterans of America
Paralyzed Veterans of America


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red_arrow Richard Petty Challenger to Cross the Block at Barrett-Jackson, Portion of Proceeds to Benefit Paralyzed Veterans 
red_arrow VA Claims Backlog: How Does It Affect Paralyzed Veterans Members and Clients With Pending VA Claims?
red_arrow "Go All In" for Paralyzed Veterans at the Charity Poker Tournament on March 3rd
red_arrow Business Kick-off Breakfast for 2010 National Veterans Wheelchair Games Held in Denver

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This is the Website that I donated to for Haiti can help too...:) 

Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief

Call Toll-free to Donate
USA & Canada

+1 773 360 0205

FAQs & Privacy Policy

Your gift will support
the following organizations


This is your time to help.

100% of funds raised will go towards relief efforts in Haiti and there are NO backend costs. Additionally, the Entertainment Industry Foundation has waived all administrative fees.

A massive, 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12th.  The damage to buildings is extensive and the number of injured or dead is estimated to be over 100,000.

Your gift will help rush emergency supplies to survivors of this catastrophe. Your gift now will help distribute life-saving relief supplies including food, clean water, blankets, medical supplies and tents to children and families devastated by the earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti.

Thank you for your generous gift in this time of need.


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The Way To Happiness Foundation     Español link to

Latest News


The Children Day Raffle Winner

Happy House Raffle WinnerHappy House recently had the privilege of delivering a basket full of goodies to Aaron Morales. The four-year-old, pictured here with his mother Sonia, won the basket at Children's Day last weekend at Woodley Park. It was raffled off at the Good Choices booth and all were welcome to enter. The winner was ecstatic to learn that he had won and accepted his prize with joy.


The Children Have Their Day

On November 21st in Woodley Park, located in the San Fernando Valley, the anti-gang coalition of the Los Angeles Police Department and associated agencies, put on their 2nd annual Children’s Day, a Salute to Kids.

The all-day event is about kids and for kids with activities to keep the day fun and entertaining as well as over a hundred resource booths where local non-profit organizations displayed their programs designed to provide services for children and families. 


San Jose Happy House Chapter National Night Out!

The Blackford Neighborhood Action Coalition’s National Night Out held at Starbird Park was one of the largest in San Jose with over eight hundred in attendance. Community United, the San Jose Chapter of Happy House Los Angeles, was one of the primary sponsors of the event along with several of the local churches, businesses and community members.


Youth Center Under Construction

PALS Youth Center SlideshowClick here or on the image to the right to view a slide show of the new PALS Youth Center under construction. A lot has been going on and this slide show shows a bit of the action!


Announcing the Happy House 2010 Poker Party!

Happy House 2010 Poker Party

4th Annual Monte Carlo Night to Benefit Pals Is Another Huge Success at the House That “Bart” Built

The 4th Annual Monte Carlo Night took place on October 3 with a Denim & Diamonds theme. It seems this party gets better every year!!  Every one of the people in attendance – numbering over 500! -- had a blast.  Nancy, dressed in elegant cowgirl regalia, once again opened her Northridge home to raise additional funds for PALS (Police Activities League Supporters) to purchase materials needed and for the various programs for the Councilman Greig Smith LAPD Devonshire PALS Youth Center, named after the local councilman who has been so supportive in the efforts of PALS and other organizations.


Announcing the Happy House
Membership Drive!

We've decided to open up Happy House to memberships to help forward our programs! Just by becoming a member, you'll be helping to build better families and create an environment where people make good choices in their lives!

What are the Membership types?

  • Happy House Builder Membership: $5 per month
  • Happy House Crew Chief Membership: $10 per month
  • Happy House Architect Membership: $25 per month
  • Happy House Foundation Member: $50 per month

As you can see, membership in Happy House is not an expensive proposition, but the help you will be giving by becoming a member is HUGE! You’ll be helping with something many have tried but few have succeeded in doing: changing society for the better with simple tools to help people make good choices in life.

To become a Happy House Member, go to the “Donations” page. Select the membership type you’d like to participate in and click the “subscribe” link! Simple, eh?




This is a Heroic story  and project I have contributed to 

and if you go to the site watch his film you too can help ...




This is another Great project I have contributed to ... and you can too...


Jerry-Rigged Films



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Kyle Pascucci
Kyle & Jamie Pederson
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Seth Pressley
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Alissa Rowinsky Wright
Michael Savage aka Sirtony
Ryan Simmons
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Andrew Tenn
Chris Tonay (a.k.a. “Tattoo” Chris Tonay)
Adele Uddo
Katie Ullrich
Ross Venokur
Benjamin Watkins
James & Jana White
Tak Yamamoto
Andy Yonkers (a.k.a. “Yonks”)
Craig Zanino (a.k.a. “Z”)




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